Maurice Jennekens

Maurice Jennekens

Zeppelin-harbour at Schaesberg. Academie van Bouwkunst (The Netherlands)

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In 1937, airship the “Hindenburg” went down in flames during its landing at Lakehurst. This disaster caused the end of passenger-travel by airship.

Today, more than sixty years later, new life is put into the zeppelin.

The so-called evolution (technical development) of many modern transport systems can only solve a small fraction of the many problems concerning environment, safety and accessibility. So the search for new or renewed concepts of transportation (revolution) is going on. The zeppelin (or airship) is an example of a renewed concept (which has proven itself in the past) and forms an environment-friendly and commercial alternative for existing means of transport like airplanes and high-speed trains. The zeppelin also stands for a new way of travelling. Hovering at a low altitude over the ground, it combines much comfort (panoramic view, space and freedom of movement) with a relatively fast connection between two points. That’s why the zeppelin is especially suited for specific transport-markets (such as holiday-flights or luxurious air-cruises).

Together with the zeppelin, the Zeppelin-harbour will be introduced.

This project intends to illustrate what such a harbour will look like in the twenty-first century.

Positioned right on top of an artificial mountain of stones (belonging to the former coal-mine “Wilhelmina”), the zeppelin-harbour forms a natural mooring point for airships. The mountain lies in a beautiful green environment, almost central, in the municipal area of the “Parkstad”. Thus a friendly and restful place where people like to be, is combined with sufficient accessibility. The building itself provides, on the one hand, an efficient and good dispatch of the many passengers, but, on the other hand, it also provides a striking succession of many exceptional spaces. The “Zeppelin-harbour at Schaesberg” thereby forms a unique departure- and arrival place for the future travels by zeppelin.

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