Danny Eerlingen

Danny Eerlingen

Multi disciplinair netwerk en service centrum. PHL Diepenbeek (Belgium)

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Dutch Limburg has a powerfully extended traffic infrastructure, directed from North to South. Around these axes, more and more buildings are being implanted. By creating a light-rail between Maastricht and Venlo, motorways get unburdened. Connection to the light-rail can be made via transfer places.

The light-rail cuts Roermond on the actual bed of the railway line. The large amount of tracks can be limited so that new building sites are created. In this railway area, a new strip of offices will be realized. Thanks to the unique geographical position near the centre of Roermond and along the fast Limburg light-rail, especially companies from the tertiary sector will settle down in this area.

The strip of offices will be adjusted to new trends like office-sharing and tele-working. Instead of the classic office typologies, we make extensive, variable and freely programmable structures without much properties. The strip of offices is constructed from a few office towers, a few larger functions (such as multiple shop organizations, cinemas, ...) and one service building with a compilation of common functions for the present companies. In that way, a maximal work area is created in the office tower.

The network and service centre has three starting points. The building meets the new office requirements. Communication between people is at the centre. New network structures are integrated and are the starting point for project decisions.

We try to develop a logical structure in the network building. The initial stage is an anonymous box. By making incisions, large atria are created with functions around. Round the heart of the building, the box, there is a skin of glass. This screens the interior against weather conditions so that a second climate appears. The second climate can look like a virtual world, but there is a big difference with for example the virtual office that has been created. In the inside climate, human contacts are stressed. Atria are the most ideal places for this. By ordering the functions round the atria, a communication zone is created in the centre.

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