• Jul 28, 2022
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Yoga on the roof a big success

  • Jul 28, 2022
On 15 and 22 July, Yoga on the Roof took place on the roof of Q-Park Putgraaf at the Heerlen Rooftop Project. It was hot, heavy and fun. In other words: a great success.

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After the announcement of the two yoga classes on the social channels of SCHUNCK, there was a storm; soon there was a waiting list for the classes on the roof of Q-Park Putgraaf. There, between the flowers and the bees (and even some wasps) and the beautiful flora of the Heerlen Rooftop Project, Christina Klinkers-Cuijpers gave two yoga classes.

The dynamic and static postures alternated fluently and the lesson was concluded with a fine relaxation: the Savasana. The high temperatures made it a real Hot Yoga lesson - whether you wanted it or not.