• Jun 28, 2022
A summer exclusive: Rooftop tours

A summer exclusive: Rooftop tours

  • Jun 28, 2022
Under the name The Heerlen Rooftop Project, the roof of the Q-Park Putgraaf has been transformed into a green oasis. But what is the background to this project? What do you actually see? SCHUNCK answers this question with four Rooftop Tours.

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Planters full of herbs, vegetables, edible flowers and lovely seats combine to create a special place with a view of Heerlen's rooftop landscape. To find out more about this project and its urban environment, there are four Rooftop Tours on the last Sunday of the month this summer (two in August), led by a professional tour guide.

About the tour

The tour starts in the foyer of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis. Together with city guide Jenny Kranendonk the small exhibition in the Glaspaleis is viewed and then the route continues to the roof of Q-Park Putgraaf.

There, explanations will be given about the design by the Selvatico architects' collective, in which the garden is divided into green rooms that stimulate biodiversity and bring nature into the city. Jenny will then give a brief history of Heerlen based on the special view of the city.

Only in July, August and September, on every last Sunday of the month.

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