Keith Café #4: Keith Haring x Legacy

Keith Café #4: Keith Haring x Legacy

  • What keith haring
  • When Sep 22, 2022 from 08:00 PM to 10:30 PM (Europe/Amsterdam / UTC200)
  • Where Nieuwe Nor
  • Price 0,-
  • Contact Name Nieuwe Nor
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In collaboration with various cultural partners in the city, SCHUNCK is organising four Keith Cafés during the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural exhibition.
  • Where Nieuwe Nor
  • Price 0,-

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Through lectures, interviews, films, music and a poetry slam, among other things, this series of four free-to-attend café evenings will explore different aspects of the life and work of this iconic artist in depth each evening. The Keith Café always takes place at a cultural venue in the city. Admission is free.

Keith Café #4

During the fourth and final edition on Thursday 22 September the theme will be Keith x Legacy. We will explore Keith's figurative legacy by putting our own Heerlen street art under the microscope. For this, we will also connect with Greylight projects' Talk&Walk.

That means: walking shoes and possibly raincoat with you. An adventurous spirit and the will to be surprised.


With: Toon Hezemans, Wouter Huis and Joep Vossebeld

Once a work of art is created, the artist has to let it go and audience and context will add new layers of meaning. The artist will try to influence that Werdegang by presenting the work in a more or less controlled environment. Exhibition organisers, curators, directors or festivals stand at the birthplace of art and are therefore partly responsible for determining the context in which the work of art is born. Is the white cube suitable as a biotope for street art? How can the artist's contextual intent be safeguarded once the artwork is released?

Both Wouter Huis and Joep Vossebeld, as artists and curators, look for ways to allow autonomous artworks to survive and communicate outside the walls of art galleries or museums. The conversation starts with artist Toon Hezemans, in the Nieuwe Nor, but soon we change location this evening and can observe how the creative process is influenced by the extramural space of the white cube.

Wouter Huis

Wouter Huis emigrated from Oosterbroek and after wanderings via Amsterdam, Hoensbroek and Brussels, he now lives and works in Heerlen. In his works Huis shifts the boundaries of mental and architectural space, the boundaries of private and public space, the real and the fictional, delving into the intangibility of almost invisible 'accidental' details, such as the 'tangible' connections of corners, or the ambiguity of black matter. Huis makes minimal objects, interactive (video) installations, photographs and (performative) screenings, and makes interventions in exhibitions and public spaces. He questions (un)conscious methods of categorisation, (re)presentation, projection, reversal, contradiction, coincidence and literally shifting the gaze by focusing on small and (supposedly) objective changes in space.

Joep Vossebeld

Joep Vossebeld studied at the ABKM and Jan van Eyck Academie, and with Chaim van Luit, Charlotte Lagro, Guusje Sijbers and Jörg Theissen was at the cradle of the artists' collective Studio Infinity.

Intrigued by the inevitable absurdity, tragedy and irony of our everyday lives, I translate my experiences into exhibitions, videos, installations and texts. These may be shown separately, or in changing and changeable combinations, without loss of the lightness of observation. Seeing, working and writing often involves collaborating with other artists, researchers and institutions. - Joep

Het Belangrijke Genootschap: Toon Roumen

Borderlines, together with Het belangrijke Genootschap Met een nog Onduidelijke En steeds Wisselende Maar Immer Literaire Inhoud (HBGMENOESWMILI) will be presenting Toon Roumen. Within the framework of the Keith Café, he is inspired by the exhibition and reads from his own work. Toon has a heart for literature. He reads and writes like crazy and has published in the past at De Optimist and the online magazine VIRUS, among others. In both 2019 and 2020, he made it to the finals of Write Now, the biggest writing contest for young people in the Netherlands and Flanders. He is now working hard on 'Plastic Plaksterren', the work that is to become his literary debut. He also writes exhaustively for his website. Besides all his activities as a writer, Toon has been teaching Dutch at a secondary vocational school in Roermond since 2017.


This evening is largely curated by Toon Hezemans. Race-Heerlen artist Hezemans was director of kuS (art centre Signe). As an artist, he draws on paper or routes in the landscape. He is also the initiator and artistic director of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival (DMFF).

  • Café open: 7:30 p.m.
  • Start: 8:00 p.m.
  • End of Café: 10:00 p.m.