SCHUNCK starts building Kijkdepot in autumn

In the spring the SCHUNCK Kijkdepot (Viewing Depot) will open as an extension of the museum. The exhibition space will be enlarged with approximately half. This is done with a glass overhang of the patio. The viewing depot provides space for the art collection and makes it publicly accessible.

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The presentation area makes the collection permanently visible in the heart of the city. The collection is displayed in changing thematic presentations. At the press of a button, the visitor is given the opportunity to view the works presented on racks, accompanied by the relevant information. The new viewing depot is also connected to the museum by a glass roof between the Glaspaleis and the music school. In this way, the covered space transforms into a fully-fledged presentation area and is thus an extension of the museum.  

Wiel Arets Architects designed the viewing platform and the roofing of the patio, the atrium. The text "Les extrèmes se touchent" can be read on top of the glass roof of the patio. The text is a tribute to Nic. Tummers (Heerlen, 1928-2020), honorary citizen of the Municipality of Heerlen. The work will start at the end of September, when the exhibition Keith Haring: Grace House Mural has ended. The official opening will follow in the spring.

The realization of the SCHUNCK Kijkdepot and the glass roof of the patio is made possible by the Municipality of Heerlen, VriendenLoterij, VSB Fund, Dioraphte Foundation and Wiel Arets Architects.

Read here the interview of De Limburger with director Kor Bonnema: