How does the Art Depot at SCHUNCK work?

How does the Art Depot at SCHUNCK work?

The new Art Depot not only provides more space for the art collection, but above all it ensures structural accessibility to the collection for the community. Because this space will soon be freely accessible to everyone.

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To show SCHUNCK's variety of collection works, a constantly changing selection is presented on the shelves of the first rows of the depot. This includes connecting to ongoing exhibitions in SCHUNCK and/or current events. As an enrichment of the museum, the covered patio offers a great opportunity to exhibit special three-dimensional works, for example as part (extension) of exhibitions or as a way of presenting artists' work.

How does our Art Depot work?

What are now three music rooms on the -1 of SCHUNCK Music and Dance will soon be three museum-conditioned rooms, suitable for storage and presentation. A continuously changing selection from the SCHUNCK collection will be presented by means of an interactive sliding system. With room for thirty to sixty collection pieces per presentation, a new story is told regularly, whether or not linked to current issues or ongoing exhibitions.

There are three walls in each of the three rooms, each of which can be conjured up at the push of a button. The electrically sliding walls with artworks can thus be viewed at will, but also according to the desired rhythm indicated on the screens. In this way, it is also possible to work thematically, with, for example, a first wall by colour, a second by subject and a third by artist. This wall-and-slide construction and its interactive aspect allow visitors to admire three times as many works in a room as in a traditional setting. More importantly, visitors can admire the result of seventy years of collecting in Heerlen in an accessible and attractive way, entirely interactively and free of charge.