About the Art Depot

About the Art Depot

In the spring of 2023 SCHUNCK will be opening an Art Depot and an Atrium as part of its museum expansion plans.

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The new Art Depot not only provides more space for the art collection, but above all ensures structural public access to the collection. The collection can be viewed interactively in changing thematic presentations. The Art Depot will soon be freely accessible to everyone, making SCHUNCK increasingly a museum for the city.

The new Art Depot is also connected to the museum by a glass canopy of the seven-metre-deep - and currently unused - patio that connects the Glaspaleis and the music school to the museum: the SCHUNCK Atrium.


The Atrium is a glass span of the patio (-1) between the SCHUNCK Museum and SCHUNCK Music & Dance. The patio is a special space with a lot of potential, which so far has remained unused. The glass canopy at street level is a relatively small intervention - also designed by Wiel Arets Architects - with great impact. The new construction transforms the patio into a fully-fledged exhibition space directly connecting the current SCHUNCK Museum with the Art Depot. The museum and its historic location are thus opened up in the heart of the city centre. Passers-by on the Bongerd and the Pancratiusplein get the chance to take a look inside the museum permanently and free of charge. Heritage literally becomes visible on the street.

Nic. Tummers

Wiel Arets Architects realised the design of the viewing depot and the roofing of the patio. On top of the glass canopy of the patio is the text "Les extrèmes se touchent". The text is a tribute to Nic. Tummers (Heerlen, 1928-2020), honorary citizen of the municipality of Heerlen.


The realisation of the SCHUNCK Art Depot and the glass roofing of the patio is made possible in part by: