Typically Dutch

Typically Dutch

Dutch language in everyday life: practice language through fun conversations and learn more about Dutch culture.

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For whom

Typically Dutch (Typisch Nederlands) is a course in Dutch language and culture for people with a migration background, who already have a reasonable command of the language. Typically Dutch is a sequel to 'Cook the alphabet'.

What we learn

'Cook the alphabet'  is a first introduction to the Dutch language and the customs in Dutch society and culture. In 'Typically Dutch' we focus on conversations. We read short texts and write small texts from everyday life.

Haven't mastered the basics yet? Then check out the course 'Cook the alphabet'.

Where and when

SCHUNCK Glaspaleis (downtown) - Fridays from 11:00 to 13:00. With the exception of school vacations.

More information and registration

Contact us at taalhuis@schunck.nl.