Keith Haring in your neighbourhood - We're looking for schools!

In March 2022, we're launching the ‘Keith Haring in your neighbourhood’ challenge. For this, we’re looking for four brave schools which, spread across the city of Heerlen, want to bring Keith Haring's legacy alive. Do you fancy getting involved with your class or school? If you take part in ‘Keith Haring in your neighbourhood’, you will start by paying a visit to the exhibition Keith Haring: Grace House Mural. After an in-depth inspiration session, you and an artist and/or art teacher will set about creating your own artwork based on the work of Keith Haring. This artwork will be given a permanent spot in your building or neighbourhood.

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What will you get?

  • A visit to the museum (including transport, if necessary or preferred) with a guided tour and an in-depth workshop to get inspiration;
  • A local art teacher assigned to your group. This art teacher will work with you over several sessions to create an artwork. You decide with the art teacher what form this artwork will take, such as a visual art form, or photography.

What is expected?

  • The group of participants is made up of no more than 30 people. These can be preschoolers or school leavers, but you can also take part as a team of teachers;
  • There will be a single contact person assigned to liaise with SCHUNCK and the art teacher;
  • The project will take place between April and August 2022;
  • You will provide a location at school or locally where the artwork can be created;
  • You will provide a location where the artwork will be permanently displayed, e.g. in your building and/or in the neighbourhood;
  • Throughout the process, SCHUNCK may use visuals (photos, video) for communication purposes

How do you sign up?

  • Register with your group by 28 March 2022 at the latest, at;
  • In your registration, tell us why you want to take part in ‘Keith Haring in your neighbourhood.’ Do this in whatever way suits you (video, text, drawing) and, at the same time, indicate your preferred technique (photography, visual arts, etc.).

So, are you up for our challenge with your school or team? Then get involved and register now!