• Jan 31, 2023
Curator for once: 'PAND chooses from SCHUNCK collection

Curator for once: 'PAND chooses from SCHUNCK collection

  • Jan 31, 2023
From 4 February, SCHUNCK presents the new collection exhibition from the Curator for a Time series. This time it was created together with 'PAND.

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In Curator for once, a group of people from the region are invited to curate their own exhibition with works from the SCHUNCK collection. This way, they get more insight into the process of curating and selecting - and everything that comes with it - and get to know the works from the collection better. From 'PAND, seven participants participate in this edition.

About Curator for once

What can a work of art do for you? And which collection works would you show in an exhibition if you were a curator and why? Armed with these questions, a group of Heerlen residents annually delves into the SCHUNCK municipal collection. The result is their own collection exhibition. After previous successful editions with Parc Imstenrade (2020) and last year's Vrie-Art, it is now the turn of 'PAND.


'PAND is, as they describe it themselves, a chameleon-like presentation institution looking for alternative functions of space within the urban fabric. In doing so, 'PAND offers young talent in the liberal arts a stage and responds to an empty but promising inner city of Heerlen. Based on the view that there is too little stimulation in the form of a stage, 'PAND organises events to inspire a young generation to bring out the best in themselves. A local creative club, in other words, some of which may now dive into the SCHUNCK collection.


The exhibition curated by 'PAND was titled Underdog? A selection of artworks was made from the SCHUNCK collection that raised different questions. These are the focus of this exhibition. After all, according to them, a collection exhibition is much more than just showing a part of the collection. "The collection consists of a lot of different layers of meaning, which we can peel off like an onion. We started looking for hidden layers in this onion, and underexposed aspects of the collection. This idea allows us to look differently at - and ask questions about - the past of Heerlen's collection, but also about the past of Heerlen itself. This way of looking at the collection has created a diverse exhibition," says 'PAND.

Underdog?" is on display free of charge from 4 February to 19 March in the Aad de Haas room at SCHUNCK Glaspaleis. More info: Curator for once 2023