• Jan 27, 2022
Inspiration magazine for the education sector - Keith Haring up close

Inspiration magazine for the education sector - Keith Haring up close

  • Jan 27, 2022
Here in Heerlen, in the Parkstad region, we will have the opportunity to engage with, experience, and admire the work of Keith Haring - and we want students of all school ages to benefit too. For them, we run age-appropriate guided tours and workshops in which we challenge them to push their boundaries, widen their perspective, and discover new things.

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The magazine

Twice a year, we publish an inspiration magazine for schools, as a means of engaging you in our story. We want to show you what drives us, and inspire you, by introducing our team to you, looking ahead to an exhibition, telling stories, and so on.

‘Children know something that most people have forgotten’
Keith Haring

Telling stories

Each member of our educational team shares the same passion: to gift all school pupils the opportunity to look at, experience, or make their own art, to get lost in a book, to take pleasure from experiencing music, to move by dancing, and to discover and understand the world around them through heritage, architecture, and media literacy. We do this by telling stories: stories from books, stories about contemporary and modern art, music, dance, and modernist architecture. Stories about yourself, others, the city, and its past.


So let yourself be immersed in our story, parts of which we share in the inspiration magazine below. You can download it by clicking on the image.

Happy reading (in Dutch)!

KH onderwijs magazine.jpeg


We want to do more than just tell you things. Listening is perhaps even more important. Or better yet: talking to each other! We want to know what educators want and need and we want to involve you, as a teacher or tutor, in developing programmes and activities, preferably from the outset. In this way, we aim to give concrete answers to your questions and, together, deliver a high quality educational programme covering architecture, museums (visual arts), dance, heritage, media and media literacy, literature, language development, the promotion of reading, and music.

Keith Haring

From 8 March 2022, we are presenting the exhibition Keith Haring: Grace House Mural, at which Keith Haring's early work will be on show. His work is instantly recognizable for its rapid, fluid, and confident lines that appear to be in constant motion. We are extremely proud to be able to curate an exhibition at which a number of original works by Keith Haring will be on display.